Not sure how to win at slots? In this article, we will tell you how!

Let the casino have only 5%, 3% or even 2% advantage, but it is still not profitable for a gambler at a long distance. In other words, you will lose if you play long enough.

On the other hand, in a short distance day or week, you can stay in a good plus, especially if you can get a couple of big wins. But if you prefer to play constantly, then you can’t go further without a special strategy.

Tips and tricks to win at slots

If you want to know how to win at slots in Vegas you need to pay more attention to the next tips.

Choose Fixed Maximum Payouts

Some slot machines have a fixed maximum payout, while others have progressive jackpots. This means that they have a counter installed, which, after each game session, increases the jackpot amount without paying any winnings. Thus, the more people play on such a machine, the more the jackpot will grow. Progressive games may seem most attractive because of their high return.

Since all people strive to get this huge jackpot, your chances of winning in a progressive game will be lower. This applies not only to the jackpot itself but also to smaller wins. Consequently, it is more profitable for you to play games with a fixed maximum payout.

Choose the games with the lowest jackpots

To increase your chances of winning in the short term, choose the games with the smallest jackpots. The smaller the jackpot, the easier it is to win.

Gaming strategies

Of course, there are other strategies, but in this article, we will have a look at the main ones. The main task of the strategy below is to save money and at the same time to keep every chance to earn a lot.


The first thing to do is to understand which bankroll you need. A bankroll is the amount of money used exclusively for the game. You do not spend it on buying food or paying bills. This is a stock of funds that fulfills one single purpose: to serve as a wallet to replenish an account in a casino and receive payments.

Of course, sometimes part of the funds can be withdrawn from the bankroll – but only when they exceed a certain amount. For example, the minimum bankroll size is $ 3,000, and you now have $ 3,100. In this case, $ 100 can be withdrawn.

Average bid

So, we have a bankroll. How much to bet? And most often you need to set it to a minimum. In modern slots, there is no binding to the max bet, i.e. when playing at any bet, the machine behaves the same. But, it is important to play along all lines. This is the only way to guarantee the inclusion of all scatters and bonuses. There are exceptions, but we do not recommend looking for them in practice.

Yes, this does not interfere at all. You can always reduce the number of coins per line, rather than the number of lines. In general, it is better to take a minimum bet. If you enjoy playing at $ 0.25, play at that rate; do not go higher. And before each game session, estimate your expenses. Ok, so, now you know how to win at penny slots.

Stop loss

Stop loss is the number of expenses at which you must stop playing. Everyone will have own point. A good rule would be to risk no more than 10% of your bankroll in one game session.

And better, not more than 5%. And even better – no more than 1%. The more conservative the better. And the longer you can enjoy the game.

Risk game

Forget about this feature. Never use it if you want to keep the bankroll. More precisely, it can only be used if the winnings are small – $ 5 or $ 10. Those it has no effect on your bankroll. The main problem is that in most cases, such bonus rounds are designed to increase the benefits of the casino. In them, most likely you have less than 50% to win.

So, now you know how to win at slots! Good luck!

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