Poker hands

Poker hands – the basic information and online sources to get the necessary knowledge

Poker is, definitely, the most popular card entertainment with various courses of the game, depending on what starting and final position a player has, and that’s why the first thing to be learned by heart is Poker hands’ order and rankings.

Of course, there exist many assistance programs, like Poker hand calculator or different managers of the game’s situations, but there are many cases, when there’s no time or opportunities to take advantage of such software. In this very situation, the best thing to do is to rely on personal skills, know-how and professionalism. That’s the reason to know the general game’s data to know inside out.

The order of Poker hands and the essence of ties and kickers

Every game starts from the process of learning the basics. Speaking about Poker, it’s natural that the game can’t be started if a player doesn’t know possible combinations and which of them have the highest value. This knowledge seems to be quite primitive, but, generally, it allows building own strategy depending on the available hand. Well, the below mentioned list presents all possible Poker hands in descending order of their values.

  • Royal Flush is the best of possible Poker hands that consists of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush is any consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind is a collection of 4 cards of the same rank.
  • Full House is created by 3 cards of one rank and 2 cards of another one.
  • Flush is a combination of any cards of the same suit.
  • Straight is a hand with 5 cards of consecutive value.
  • Three of a Kind consists of 3 cards of the same rank.
  • Two Pair is made as 2 cards of the same value and 2 other cards of the same rank.
  • Pair consists of 2 cards of the same value.
  • High Card is a combination of five cards, which don’t form any of above mentioned hands, and the card with the highest rank is considered, while comparing with an opponent’s hand.

There can be a situation when opponents have the same hands. In case of draw, the kickers (the highest cards) are compared. As an example, if one player has Two Pair (2s and 10s) with King as a kicker, and the other has Two Pair (2s and 10s) with Jack as a kicker, the winner is the first gambler.

Poker hands online

Well, the given information is absolutely enough for beginners to start own career in the world of Poker.

The best websites to train and test Poker skills

There are some gambling resources with Poker tutorial, which are used as a very useful guide to the world of Poker. Such websites usually contain of some general information, like: available Poker hands, possible actions during a game’s round, systems of bets, etc. More of this, the users have an opportunity to check own skills, playing against other opponents. Well-advanced sites provide players with detailed statistics information about how this or that hand was played and what were the mistakes.

Unfortunately, the most part of such study guides are fee-paying ones, but there are still some of them, which can be used absolutely for free, and the best ones of them are listed below.

  • is, probably, the most popular free resource with more than 8 000 000 users, that is the best evidence of its quality.
  • PokerStart Poker School is offered by one of the most famous Poker rooms in the world. And it’s enough just to create an account to get very useful information absolutely for free.
  • TestYourPoker is a very popular resource with a great opportunity to train own skills, playing different types of Poker.

So, having read the given information every beginner should be considered armed and dangerous.

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