How do I get help?

911 To get help right away, call 911.

This number will immediately connect you to Emergency Services which will get help to you within minutes.  You will need to clearly state that you need help and where you are located.  Emergency Services is staff by EMTs who work through the Needham Fire Department.  Frequently the Needham Police Department is also involved.  The EMTs and the Needham police officers are trained in providing crisis services to depressed and suicidal youth and adults.

Riverside Emergency Services (781) 769-8674
Calling this number will immediately connect you with trained mental health professionals who are able to get you immediate help and arrange for your safety.  You will need to clearly state that you need help and what the problem is.   Learn more about Riverside Community Cares by going to their web site at

Newton-Wellesley Hospital Psychiatric Emergency call
617 243 6000  and ask the operator to connect you to the psychiatry department. You will be connected to a trained mental health counselor who will be able to help you. 

Your parent or guardian is often the best person to talk to first.  If you are unable to talk to them for any reason, reach out and call. 

Feeling suicidal can be a very painful experience.  Because of the pain and difficulty seeing a range of solutions, you may feel trapped and desperate. You have to talk about how you are feeling with someone who can get you help.  Talking to a friend is a start.  Don’t stop there.  Talk to your parents, favorite teacher, coach, counselor, nurse, doctor, or another trusted adult.  Don’t keep these feelings to yourself.  Help is out there.  It is effective.  Don’t stop talking until you get it. 


For someone to talk to any time of the day call 

Samariteens at 1-800-252 TEEN (8336). Calling this number will connect you with a trained listener who will provide confidential peer support and understanding and who  has information about how to get help.

Samaritans at 617-247-0220 or (508) 875-4500.
24 hours a day.  Calling this number will connect you to a trained listener who is able to understand your problem, give support and help you decide what to do.

Counselors at the Needham Youth Commission can help you with free information and counseling for depression. Call 781-455-7518. They are located on the bottom floor of the Town Hall.

To get help from Needham Public Schools during the school day walk into the guidance office (B 127 New Building) and ask to see a counselor.  There is always someone available to talk.  If you are not at school you can call the Guidance office to get someone to talk to.

Guidance services at Needham High School call
781 455-0800 and hit "0" at the prompt.   If you call this number during school hours and tell them it is an emergency you will be connected to a trained guidance counselor.

Guidance services at Pollard Middle School call 781 455-0480 (hit "0" at the prompt) and ask the person who answers the phone for the grade level counselor for the grade of the student you want to help. You will be connected to the grade level counselor.     

Guidance Services are also provided in each elementary school.  To reach a school counselor call

Broadmeadow Elementary School 781 455-0448 ext 335
Eliot Elementary School 781 455-0452 ext 226
Hillside Elementary School  781 455-0461 ext 227
Mitchell Elementary School  781 455-0466 ext 307
Newman Elementary School  781 455-0416 ext 205

Needham Public School guidance counselors are trained in the area of mental health and are knowledgeable in how to get you the help you need. 
Health Services are provided in every school. 
To get help from a school nurse during the school day, walk into the nursing office and let the nurse know that you need help.  If you are not at school, you can call a school nurse. 


To reach a school nurse call

Needham High School   781 455-0800 ext 2123

Pollard Middle School    781 455-0480 ext 238

Broadmeadow Elementary School     781 455-0448 ext 309

Eliot Elementary School       781 455-0452 ext 341

Hillside Elementary School     781 455-0461 ext 228

Mitchell Elementary School     781 455-0870

Newman Elementary School     781 455-0416 ext 386

School nurses are knowledgeable in the areas of mental health.  They can help you get the care you need. 


Hurting yourself is NEVER
the right answer.
There are people who can help.

For immediate help call
911 or

Riverside Emergency Services

Newton Wellesley Hospital

To talk with someone call
Samariteen Hotline
1-800-252-TEEN (8336)

Samaritan Helpline
1-877-870-HOPE (4673)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Support and Help Around You