Why did he/she have to die?

“She was really smart and had so many friends…” - Andrew

“I keep thinking about why he didn’t know how much we all loved him.”   - Sara

With all deaths, we ask “why” and for many, we have answers from physicians, police officers or emergency responders.  With death by suicide, the search for answers never seems to be over. It seems there is no answer.

As difficult as it may be to understand, taking his own life becomes the only possible way the person can see out of the unbearable pain of depression. Although he is loved by family and friends, he cannot concentrate on anything but his own pain. His thinking becomes constricted and narrow, like tunnel vision and he can see no other solution.  This judgment has nothing to do with reality, but the person cannot see this.

It is hard to think about the happy memories when someone dies especially when they die by suicide.  Try not to think about how your friend died, instead try to focus on how they lived – what they liked to do, good times you had, what they cared about.


Hurting yourself is NEVER
the right answer.
There are people who can help.

For immediate help call
911 or

Riverside Emergency Services

Newton Wellesley Hospital

To talk with someone call
Samariteen Hotline
1-800-252-TEEN (8336)

Samaritan Helpline
1-877-870-HOPE (4673)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Support and Help Around You